Monday, October 10, 2011

A Sneak Peak Into My Foodie Fashionista Office

View from living room

One of my nieces and books
Book case replete with books, cards, and "junk"
View of the Twin Towers from the Brooklyn Bridge
Monthly fashion reading
Constant reference
Pic of Versace's Mansion gates shot by my photog; custom designed & painted owl clock from St. Croix
My new Missoni for Target vase
1/4 of the cookbooks I need to review

The "B" window sill with cellist

Where the mojo comes and goes!

I work to pay off this bill
Espresso starts my day & serves as pencil holder, me & mami in Paris, random bunnies

Sentimental images and gifts

After posting about home work offices that inspire me (here), I started looking at my own space and micro-analyzing every detail. I spend endless hours in here writing, editing, researching, making connections, sealing deals, reading and dancing to whatever's blasting from my speakers. 

I took these pictures to give me a better look at what I have and what I want to change about it. As it stands, it all makes sense to me and is very user-friendly. But, there's something missing. I haven't quite put my foot on it, but there's something keeping me from giving my business the 200% I used to. 

I love the green walls I painted. I love the chair (though a Missoni one would be uberly fabulous --do not the floral vase from the Target line!). And nothing inspires me more than the open windows lacing entire sunroom which has Cathedral ceilings. 

But, perhaps the vintage wood English desk chair could use reupholstering? I'd been after a chair like that for over 8 years and finally found this one in Ybor City, Fl. I love it, but I'm thinking it could use some sprucing. A different desk lamp, maybe? 

Who knows. It's all about the mood. And right no, my mood is inclined to streamline a bit more and get rid of some "small" things and invest in some bold, statement pieces. After all, this space is my money-maker. It's where my biz grows. Without nurturing the space, I can't grow!

What are your thoughts? If it were yours, what would you change, rearrange, add, remove, etc...? I'm curious, lovelies!

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One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

It is so nice to see where you work, we can all visualise it now and your blog posts will be even more special now we know where your inspiration comes from.

If it were my office, I would add in some book shelves, as for me, there is nothing nicer than seeing all my books lined up ready to be read and it also de-clutters the work space leaving it a more peaceful place to work...

Bren Herrera said...

oh girl, i totally agree with you. only thing is, since my walls are all windows, i don't have room to hang shelves... i have that white bookcase pictured in no.3, and that's catchall with some resource books on one of the shelves. and honestly, i need a bigger office but in the meantime prefer the open top to bottom windows than shelves. seeing squirrels and birds doing their thing help the inspiration process! :) Thanks for the kind words!

Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

I would definitely add a couple more shelves like a window seat ala the ones that Maegan has in her office (which is a treasure trove of office inspiration). I'm jealous of the windows - my home office space has absolutely NONE...

Unknown Mami said...

Love the windows. Might do something that was combo seating storage area.

Ericka said...

My work space looks more like a giant tornato hit it. It's more of an organized mess.

Presley's Pantry said...

My favorite photo is the green wall with the Owl on it. Cute..... My work space look nice and neat sometimes and other days looks like a rat's nest. :) Thanks for sharing.

vianney said...

I like the focus boards and your wall of windows, great light!!

hunt4anarnia said...

Bren, this space is uber-perfect! The only thing missing is a fabulous crystal chandelier!


Dr. Reginia said...

I love peeking into the lives of other bloggers. The black/white chair and the green walls are my favorite. I too have an initial in my house.

Monica said...

Love the green walls! What about some sort of valance? Nothing big. Maybe gauzy to soften it a bit?

Carrie at Tiki Tiki Blog! said...

Me encanta!
Love the colors, the accents, the whole comfortable, exciting look.

Come do my sad, messy space!

Joselyn said...

This office space is great. The light from the windows makes it a fantastic place to work. Loving the Oprah and Cleopatra book. The use of color is great and hum...does the Bustelo coffee can make you drink more of it?
The only area I'd do more with in terms of arranging is the place with all of the cards. I have a similar white shelf I'd like to organize more. I don't know how to pin point it. That would be just be an extra though. No changes needed. Thanks for sharing.

Bren Herrera said...

I love all of your lovely comments & suggestions, must as you can see, I have NO wall space! All windows... maybe the white book case can be replaced by single standing shelves in white or black that would offer a more clean look?? What say ye about that!?!? T

Bren Herrera said...

I just realized upon looking at the 1st pic that I need really pretty planters!! Any suggestions?? Budget-friendly ones, gals! ;) Thanks!

Chantilly Patiño said...

I absolutely LOVE the green walls..perfect! For me, the only change that I would make is a book case and file cabinet...something that fits in with the creativity of the space. I know that for me, I can get easily distracted when my space is cluttered. I also love the little memories, keepsakes and creative bits that surround your space and those are definitely keepers. :)

Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love said...

Adore the space! The green walls, the ceiling to floor windows, the zebra print chair - I want to live in your office! Unfortunately, I don't have my own space yet. My office is a tiny corner of my bedroom. Hoping to change that in a year when I venture West!

Mercedes @BeChicMag said...

Bren, I LOVE your space. Que chuleria. I can feel the good vibes. God bless you :)

Mr Big said...



I digz.

btw, the table design is totally medieval. Truly. Its known as a trestle table. Here are some period depictions

BlitzAndGlam said...

I really like your office! I need an office with lots of windows. I'm afraid that I will look out of the windows more than work though. Lol

Bren Herrera said...

Chantilly: I looooove the green walls, too! It took me all of 30 minutes to pick the color, find someone at Home Depot to come paint and it was done by the end of the day! Thanks for noticing the keepsakes! There's some more pieces I want to add : tickets, stubs, etc.. that I'd love to display but it's so muuuch! I was thinking of removing the sides and back panel of the bookcase and just suspending the shelves. That way, some more wall space opens up! :) Thanks for your input!

SuJ: One day soon, mama! Lo que'sta pa' ti, nadie te lo quita.

Mercedes: Love the chuleria! LOL! So me! And you, too!

Mr. Big: you sound like my dad! LOL!

BlitzandGlam: aww, thanks ! :) I do look outside far more than I need to!

Michele R. said...

great looking office, B! I don't know how you lose inspiration in there-- everything is so lovely. I'd change the bookcase, too. I agree with most of the gals on here on that element. But everything else looks amazing!

5 Questions With Leslie-Kirby Caldwell said...

What can I say. Its a room that has says many things about the person behind the room. Its open and bright which envokes creativity and vision. This will be the room that an empire is made!!

Xenia G. said...

I definitely need an office! You made yours so full of life, I love it!

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