Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mssr. Louboutin, I Want To Be Your Latina Muse. {Open Letter to Christian Louboutin}

It's quite simple. I love your shoes. I wear them well, though I don't own a pair, admittedly. I talk about them all the time and with wreckless abandon. My friends think I have a secret closet affair with shoes that yet exist on my shelves. I lust them on all social media realms with links to where my shoe-loving girlfriends can buy.  I've proposed to surrender some of my most prized possessions for a single pair. And ultimately, my mission every morning is to work hard, to hustle my ass off to afford one of your pricey artistic creations. 

Honestly, just last week I seriously considered buying the "Daffodile" in teal. But then I started thinking about the amount of people that are hungry and how my money would be better spent helping them eat.  But it doesn't take away the fantasy of wearing a 6" skinny stiletto with a beautiful dress or even my Rock Republic jeans and motorcycle jacket. I relish in the thought of how lovely a pair would look accessorized with one of my 250 hats. 

For now, I'll continue to lust and throw my positive energy to wind with a prayer that one of your shoes or two will make their way to my feet. An admission: I do love to see my Latina sisters like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milian and Zoe wearing your shoes, but it saddens me that I only see starlets rocking the death-defying shoe. Every-day ladies with deep-rooted appreciation and unbreakable affection for your craft, should have an opportunity, too. 

So, through this letter, I'm putting myself out there, available to you. I'm here if you need a pretty and sassy chica, standing 5'1", weighing 125 to fiecerly wear and be the face of your red sole brand. Iv'e been to Pigalle. I understand the red. And, after all,  I do make a shoe look orgasmically delicious!



From the desingers' Spring 2011 Collection. All of the shoes below are on my lustlist. 

Top to Bottom: 

4A python bootie.
Futura ankle bootie. The ones Gwyneth rocked during the Grammy performance with Cee Lo.
Lady Peep painted python. Heidi Klum was seen in these at the Grammy's.
Daffodile Strass stiletto. Beyoncé was seen in these and just about every other CL.
Viva Boom Espadrille Wedge. Pure hotness and sex appeal in a very casual way.
Lady Daf with ankle strap in python. Mustard color is amazing, too! This is more my stilo! 
Luxura studded pump. Comes in White and black, too. Utter sexiness. Delicious all around. 
Pampas leather swirl cut out pump.
Elisabeth peep-toe mule. This brings the sassy Latina out of me. Some salsa dancing will ensue.
Miss Cristo leather cork wedge. 

*images collected from all over the Internet

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marissa said...

haha! very convincing. but more importantly, can you walk without falling off of those?? i certainly can't!

Bren Herrera said...

Ay Marissa, there is NO doubt in my mind I can walk in all of these shoes. The highest pair I own now are 6".... another 1/2" -1" won't hurt! :) ;) xo

Tereza Anton said...

Oh my, oh my... these shoes are amazing... I'm in love!

KBoogie said...

girlie! how in the world do you pull off wearing shoes like that! I'm good with 3"! Lucky and good for you! They are lovely, though!

Kee Kee said...

I love it! I've never known another woman who fantasizes about shoes as much as I do. You can rock whatever and make it look amazing! You cooking in 6" would definitely be something to see.

Castle Fashion said...

I'm not too fond of pumps with the incredibly thin heel (stilettos, I suppose) they seem dangerous but I do like the color and details on some of these :X And your writing is funny, I love the letter.


Also, I finally put a giveaway up if you're interested :)

5 Questions With Leslie-Kirby Caldwell said...

I tell you Loubu is kicking butt with those stunning stems!! Brava Bren Brava!

Fashion Me Chic said...

These shoes are so hot! I simply cannot walk in them. Nice blog by the way.

Barcelonette (c) said...

I absolutely love all their shoes too!!!!!
thanks for visiting my blog :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Stellar picks and wow 6" - woo I can only dream!

The Pampas and Elisabeth are two ridiculous sides of fabulous - somewhat demore to outright sexy.

Thanks for your sweet comments - the Zara collection is definitely minimal but i'm hoping to work in a few pieces.

I'm following now and hope you can drop by and follow too!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Daria Hutt said...

Impresionantes eh, me encantan los de strass. Gracias por pasar por mi blog, te sigo


♥ El blog de moda de Daria Hutt

Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. said...

que maravilla de zapatos! es que Christian es un genio :)

gracias por tu comment en Dean & DeLuca, es una de mis tiendas favoritas en NY!! sin duda



crystal glamour said...

simply amazing :)

I'm your new follower
will you follow me back please?


Miesha's Social Addiction said...

oh my gosh i love #'s 1,3,6,7,8,9, LOL! I'm not even a shoe-holic but wooohweeeee. fly. supa fly.

Enamodeuse said...

Everybody wants to be his muse and go shopping with him like blake lively^^


Bren Herrera said...

Tereza: tell me about it. i keep looking at them. and continue to drool.

KBoogie: when you have it, you have it! :)

KeeKee: we must go shoe shopping together! We'd tear it up!

Leslie: Brava is right! Can't you work on getting me some deal!?

Fashion Me Chic: wow!?! Really! i sure can.

Barcelonette: join the club! Who doesn't, though! Shine on!

Chic n Cheap: Ridiculous isn't word! Oh my word... It's like fancy sex on the foot! ooh wee. I love them. Elizabeth is right up my alley!

Daria : Verdad que si... son superiores a muchos otros!

La 5th: si mija. ese hombre se la sabe muy bien. un genio para compartir con nosotras!

Crystal: I'm following you back, dear! Thanks for stopping by.

Miesha: yes, yes and yes!

Enamodeuse: hahaha. love it. had no idea she goes shopping with him. He was in Atlanta last year signing shoes and I'm such an idiot for not going!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

The 2nd last pair of shoes seem to defy physics/whatever it is that keeps your shoes on. I hope someone takes note of your letter :)

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

These shoes are Fabulous and I know you would wear them well. Step out and represent, that's You!

Giselle said...

Completely agree, if only I too had the money, its definitely a power shoe ;)

Smokin section said...

my gaaash the shoes are amazing!

Annabelle Fleur said...

God, who cares if we can walk in them, just a thought of them in my closet would be enough! You think maybe they can have two spokes people just this one time:) Cause I am pretty available too:) Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


Marie-Renée said...

hha thaaanks (:

Smokin section said...

of course we can follow eachother :) Have a nice day

Miss Woody said...

gorgeous third ones !!

BagsandSushi said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
Amazing shoes!!

I am now following you, if you want follow me back :)

X Laura


Martina said...

Loved your letter!!!it would be great ir je managed yo read it,hahaha.
And of course loved all of the shoes from your list :)

Have a great weekend


Chelsea Lane said...

haha this is such a cute post. I love all of his pumps! so gorgeous :)


Bren Herrera said...

Soph: Ha! Don't most fabulous shoes defy laws of gravity and healthy posture?!?! I love them anyway! I hope someone catches on to my letter, too! ;)

Cynthia: Yes, yes, I would! :) thank you chica.

Giselle: For sure. I love just about every pair he ever designs. gah.

Smokin' Section: I drool every time I look at them for sure. and thanks on the follows!

Annabelle Fleur: See, you understand me. So glad to have met you.

Maria-Renee: hee hee.

Miss Woody: Girl, all of them. But yes, the 3rd is killer.

Bags & Sushi: Done deal! :)

Martina: Wouldn't it be oh so fabulous! Geesh. I'm leaving it up to destiny!

Chelsea Lane: Thanks, dear. Was fun writing it!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww I love your letter. So cute! Hehe.

And these shoes. Omg. I'm faint just looking at them.

Alexandra said...

Haha you never know, maybe he'll read it and be convinced! Love your selection here!

Alexandra xo


Carolyn said...

wow the louboutins this season are especially fierce!! rawr love them

jamie-lee said...

I love the Luxura pump, so pretty!

Diana Mieczan said...

Totally agree, those shoes are amazing and I would love the leather cork wedges:) Have a fantastic Monday

Francesca said...

that python bootie is the most amazing thing i've ever seen. thanks so much for your comment, it certainly made my day :) xoxox


Lauren said...

Ooh I love the super sparkly silver ones and the hot pink! To die for.
Love, L.


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