Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{In Need Of New Rain Boots!}


I'm so confused. It was 80 degrees on Sunday while I participated in the Atlanta Hunger Walk. It was a wonderful sneak peak into what's to come... and then today. 

It's cold. 

It's 45 and rainy. I had a few errands to run and I quickly went to my classic yellow wellies. Some really old school ones. But they're so beat up, I didn't want to do the disservice of messing up a relatively comfy outfit. And I really wanted to keep my yellow watch on, so bright yellow rain boots would be way to match-y match-y. Right!

Hence, some kick ass lace-up and tie boots I found hiding in the back of my closet by Donald Pliner to pair with the most comfy pair of leggings my mom bought me at T.J. Maxx. These are the kind of boots I used to love wearing with long maxi skirts, short dresses, skinny jeans and sometimes flirty skirts. So glad we're reacquainted. Their ruggedness comes just in time for a messy walkway and splitter splatter streets.

And, by the way, much like the Fendi pumps I showed you a couple of weeks ago, isn't it great to find oldies but goodies in your closet?! Is that a sign of having too much or just not loving those things the same as the items on constant rotation? I speak of both the boots and the blue bag-- both so apropos for the weather.  Love it. 

Now if I could only buckle down and buy some new rubber rain boots, I'll be good. 

Striped henley from Old Navy // Floral leggings from T.J. Maxx // Reed Barton vintage owl pendant necklace// vintage Sarah Coventry long chain // H&M sleeveless sweater & trench // Donald Pliner boots // Nylon & leather bag by Cerrutti 1881 // vintage cord fedora // Vernier watch // s.s rings purchased in Mexico

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5 Questions With Leslie-Kirby Caldwell said...

You look ethereal in that hat

Rania K. said...

Nice outfit and got to say I love these floral leggings!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Love that owl necklace, I collect vintage ones! And your watch is divine.

Señorita said...

Cute boots!! Oh and love the color of the hat with the whole ensemble :)


Bijou's Style said...

cute! but too bad its freezing over there!



Z--- said...

You look great!!xx


Fashion Marked said...

Thank's for stoping by =)

Nice blog!


Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. said...

you look so georgeous!



Hope Adela Pasztor said...

love the contrast of the orange fedora with the blue top! =)


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

in need, yes please lades! me too but yours rock! most lovely, i'd say. and love your outfit for the day too, especially lemon yellow watch....radness!

i guess yah, the rainboots/watch combo may have detracted from it's eye catching abilities. hope you find the perfect pair, Paris is callin' your name and you know they get maja rainy downpours. it's like a future investment of sorts ; )

happy weekend ♥

Bren Herrera said...

Ladies!!! Hey! Hope you've had a great week! Thanks for all the kind and sweet comments! This day was a hot mess for shooting! My hair was still super wet, it was raining outside, which you can't really tell so I was rushing to take a few self-shots (imagine that!); but I was comfortable and that's all that mattered on Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll let you know when I find that perfect pair of wellies. Been eyeing Hunters for quite some time now.. What do you thinK!?!


Miss Woody said...

lovely !

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Those boots look totally styling and comfy!
Finding hidden goodies in the closet is the best!

P.S. I am totally with you on the color blocking trend - love it!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love you're outfit and I need new boots too!


Michelle Lee said...

love the watch :)


Adorable look, loving all of the pretty colours + layers. AND thank you for visiting my blog, SO great to meet yours too. xx veronika

E said...

That bag is all kinds of amazing! And I love how you had fun with this look!

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great outfit. I adore your style:) Happy Monday

Emilie said...

Love the color of you hat!

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