Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Hottest Men of the World Cup (FIFA)

I'm so late to the Word Cup fever. Super late. I covered some of the wildly chic Nike gear the men would (are) be wearing and the general public could enjoy in this post. But I just didn't hop on the bandwagon until about 4 hours ago, when Argentina and Switzerland started playing.

I missed Pitbull and J. Lo perform the "anthem" for the games in Brasil. I missed Ghana playing. I missed the US winning. I did see all of 30 minutes of one of Mexico's games a few days ago. That half hour apart, I've missed it all. I've only heard the hype from my brothers, who are die hard World Cup fans, and some CNN coverage.

But I've not missed some flash viewings of these young (super young) men running back and forth artistically kicking a ball in defense of a goal.

So after watching the entire Argentinian win and hyping myself up for the currently playing 4pm USA v. Belgium game, I decided to hand-pick the best looking guys the world seems to be drooling over.

TIM HOWARD, United States.

He's light-skinned (yes, so am I--see below) but he's bald (top 3 of my favorite features on a man!) and has some serious leg power (major yum, yum factor!).

(this is an update b/c watching him play had me re-thinking "how did I miss him initially?!")


I don't like tatted up men, but this guy, even his bad boy effect, has something super appealing. Let me know if you can pinpoint what it is!


This French guy is just really nice eye candy.

NEYMAR, Brasil. 

And this guy's tears make him way more relatable. This picture does his great justice.


Funny face here, but there's a gentleness about it I love. And his hair. Well, you already know.


Chocolate. Yummy! That's all! 


This goalkeeper from Mexico is responsible for making me watch 30 minutes the other day. It's his hair. And some leg shots I saw. 

JERMAINE JONES, United States.

Not into light-skinned black men, but Jones is really, really cute. And I'm fixed to my screen right now watching the game in pursuit of his arms.


Another bad boy image portrayed, this guy plays some serious fútbol. Love his field presence as he defends his team.

LIONEL MESSI, Argentina.

He played his heart out today. He made watching the match against Switzerland so much more interesting. 


And hailing from my best friend's country of Ghana, his smile and eye combo have me just staring. 

Who's your fave soccer player? 

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