Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DCs Cherry Blossom. The Pink That Was my City

One of my parents' trees on the same day.
Sunset was about 90 minutes away. Great lighting for the Washington Monument.
Tree yard approaching the basin.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial in the background.
Danita and me shouldering our way for one pic! (Poor guy didn't know how to work my camera so this one the best of 10 he took! I'm thankful, tho)
About 75 mins from sunset... this was the perfect spot to catch the TJM in the back.
A really pink tree. Do you see the Washington Monument in the back?! 
Sun had started to set at the Memorial.
Across from the TJ Memorial as the sun started to set.
Thousands sit on the basin to enjoy the bold sunset light up the tree line.
The sun sets. Finally. Overlooking Arlington, VA.
DC just wrapped their annual Cherry Blossom Festival this past weekend, one of my favorite reasons for living here. I've been enjoying them since we moved here back in the 80s. My parents would take us down to the tidal basin every year to see the massive people come from all over the world to enjoy the gift of lovely trees, aptly given to the US by the Japanese.

They loved them so much, they planted three threes in their front yard. I've seen them grow over the last 20 years. They're a different variety from the ones downtown, but just at lovely. One's a bit whiter and one is super pink, lasting a bit longer during its peak. And theirs are much, much taller and don't grow low branches like the ones at the basin which create a cozy ambiance.

I spent Saturday afternoon, strolling along the basin with a good girlfriend. I'd not done that since since childhood and I immediately remembered why: Entirely too many people congregated down there. It was beautiful indeed, but the trick is to enjoy its real splendor before the sunrises, at about 5:30 am -- and even then, photographers are lined up waiting for the golden hour -- or right before sunset, which is when I went.

The latter part of the day shed a stunning golden glow you can only really appreciate in person, but I tried to capture the the essence of the warm ambiance.

The international crowd the Cherry Blossoms attract is impressive, but even as a local, I'm always mesmerized by the backdrop the treeline enjoys: the Washington Monument and Thomas Jefferson Memorial, two iconic museums. I found the perfect photo op spot to get the Potomac and the TJ memorial in the background. It was glorious.

This year was a particularly interesting pink kind of year. I tried to capture that in the light editing I did in the pictures. Naturally, the blossoms are pink, but the contrast with the sun preparing to set, and the water, against the creamy buildings, made the pink really jump out as it bounced off the glistening water.

It was just so pretty. Already can't wait for next years! Make it a point to visit DC to see the trees if you've never. Totally worth it.

Just don't wear pink.

Check out these three (1, 2 & 3) images I took on my iPhone and stared on IG. Totally different effect. 

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