Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Birthday Affairs & Sparkly Shoes

I always buy myself something simple and special for my birthday. It's usually from the shoe and handbag department. In keeping with my shoe habits, and my awesome purchase just a year ago,  I went for some new ones for the fiesta this year. Only these were from my mom. She saw that I loved them and said "Get 'em honey. That'll be my gift!" It's seldom my mom shrieks ove a pair of shoes, so i was particularly happy she loved these. Fabulous! I snatched them up and wore them last Friday for a few day fetes I had scheduled. 

No birthday would be complete with lovely roses from my parents. The little ones also gave me some stunning red ones. And of course, the food element makes its way in there. A foodie trivia game, you say? Can't wait for the next dinner party! Sexy shoes, red feathery headband and geekery nibbles. How lovely!

So, so thankful for another one! And another pair of sparkly's. 

Do you gift yourself something special for your birthday? 

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hautepinkpretty said...

those shoes are so cute! Happy birthday!

Bren Herrera said...

Thanks so much! I love them. Only worn them once so far, but can't wait to slip them on again! :)

www.JusticeJonesie.com said...

Beautiful shoes- glad you had a great bday!

Bren Herrera said...

Thanks, pretty Nadia! :) 4 more days before the party ends! :)

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