Friday, January 14, 2011

Gifts & Desires

Every girl deserves to treat herself to fabulous things. Especially when you work as hard as I do. 18 hours a day of emails, phone calls, photography, cooking, writing, editing, volunteering and the list goes on! I'm not complaining at all because it only means I'm going to have tons of fun scouring the picking that right and delicious item that makes my heart throb. 

I recently did that. Right before Christmas--a perfect time to find steals. I'd been after these Pour La Victoire super-studded boots for about 6 months until I found them at a fraction the cost at T.J. Maxx. You'd be jealous if I told you how much so I'll spare you the agony. I've worn them several times in the last month in every which possible-- to a cocktail Christmas party, in cute sweats with a chunky sweater and leggings... love them.

Then the bracelet. The uber chic and bling'd out bracelet that Ann Taylor had early Fall. It instantly sold out even at full price for $135. The Swarovski-laced piece also sold at Neiman's. Another steal for me! Found it on-line for the low-low! And I can't wait to rock it! 

And then there are those desires that I'm lusting over. Things that would make me work even harder if I knew they were waiting at my door. Here are a few of those things:

Desperately in search of the studded Loubous even though they came out last fall. If you a have lead on where to find, won't you lovelies share!?!? *Faint*.  I don't think I have to say anything about the blue Loubs! Another *faint*. The timbs are fabulous! I love the upscale but rustic look of those oxfords. Entirely versatile and so French in a weird kinda way. And the top hat! The drool factor is serious. I have to replace the baddest umbrella I've ever owned (a red and black ultra dramatic GiancoFranco Ferre with lucite and gold that went missing :() to rock with this luxurious piece of art!

I've got a huge change coming up in my life, so for now I'll just lust until there's a way. Cause I will find a way to call these little *rosebuds of joy* mine! 

T to B: Christian Louboutin Fall '10; Christian Louboutin Spring' 11; Timberland Boot Co. Women's Oxford; Christys' Furfelt top hat from the U.K.

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Vicki said...

Thank you! I'm following back! Love the Loubs!

V♥ said...

los azules!! adoré!

Giuli Kakoulli said...

I LOVE the studded ankle boots!! I'm obsessed with anything studded or with spikes!!

I love your blog!! Would you like to follow each other??


ZANAH said...

Love the studded ankle boots !

Mon Mode Blog

Martina said...

Love your studded boots!!!they re just amazing :)

Vanilla said...

Love your ankle boots :)

Love, Vanilla

Carmen said...

Suscribo tus deseos!!! Quiero esos Louboutin! Lo más cerca que he visto unos son los de mi hermana, y 3 números menos que mi talla! :( Buen post! Besos

Bren Herrera said...

Hey girls!! thanks for stopping by! aren't those loubous oh so fab??? yummy! and my studded boots are my new obsession! oh and the bracelet, too! :)

following each of you so hope you'll spread love also. said...

WOW. those heels are gorgeous. T-J maxx finds are so liberating!

xo denj

globetrotter said...

I loooooooove these shoes! Omg.
I need them! Lol.
This is a great blog!
Hope we can follow one another. :)


Lynn said...

gaaa, uber chic is right. love your new pieces and yes you will totally rock them; that bracelet is super pretty. ♥

Bren Herrera said...

HelloDenj: Thanks! Rocking them this week b/c they miss me! :)

Globetrotter: Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by! Following you too! : )

Lynn: hey pretty chica... haven't worn the bracelet but will share when i do!

Kayla said...

ADORE the blue louboutin's!!
you have great taste! :)

follow me?

KAY. said...

The boots on the first pic are GREAT!

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