Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sexy Shoe Sunday: Brian Atwood 'Fontanne'

Oh, please forgive the sock imprint on my legs!
Green reflection of grass on heel is just that.
Sexiest heel ever.

Is this not the perfect brown pump? Ever? The color. The supple leather. And to make it all sexier... the gold leaf crackled, bamboo-embossed heel. I mean, hello! Baddest heel I've owned. Oh yes, and they're 6".

A girlfriend and I were just comparing our older heels, of 3" (hec, even 4) -- which at the time seemed so perfectly high -- to our 5 and 6" option these days. We wondered if we'll ever reduce ourselves to such low levels of height. After all, walking in towering shoes is so tragic for our backs. And hips. And posture. And spine. No matter their sexy and appropriateness for the times we live in, they're just not the healthiest fashion decision.

But for now, we'll just relish in all their fabulousness and deal with those ramifications when the time comes. Though, admittedly, I've started storing those 2-4" heels for my more wise years, as surely I won't sustain a 2 hour dinner without secretly kicking my shoes off under the table, otherwise.

These are my most delicious new acquisition even though it's been two months since. But I finally wore them a few weeks ago and they simply kicked butt.

Wearing heels should always be this sexy.

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Brian Atwood 'Fontanne' via Neiman Marcus.

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Simone said...

Love my chocolate heels too!! Everyone was talking about it. I rocked those Brian Atwood's!!

Canika said...

Love This Shoe!!

Tessla Rabin said...

God, I would forgive those legs anything!

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