Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sexy Shoe Sunday: Aldo's Studded Trend

I don't classify my style as trendy. I'm very boho glam, with a lot of chic vintage. I love old world vibes with modern touches. Every now and then the trend wave scoops me up and I get on it for a while. The super ubiquitous ones appeal less and less. However, I've found this stud and spike thing fun and somewhat suggestive of my inner bad girl. She never comes out.

Oh, but when I saw these, I caved. They spoke to me. Not too over the top with studs and not a crazy color. The nude leather against the gold hardware make them a perfect pair for playing dress up or chic casual. And, my rule when buying trendy: must be under $100. These were $85 at Aldo. Their entire fall collection seems to be mostly about textures, patterns and hardware. I've got my eyes set on a few already. So, for the good deal I took advantage of, I'm okay with rocking them til the studs fall out. Because unless they're original Louboutins, they're bound to fall.

Aren't they perfect, though?

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Carsedra McKoy said...

Now those are very nice!!!

Carsedra of:

Bren Herrera said...

Carsedra: Thanks! And super comfortable! :)

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