Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Red Dress That Never Was.

Without going into detail this very moment, I founded an artist charity event back in 2006, just as I started my new life in Atlanta. I did it again in 2007 and that year decided I was going to be one of the featured artists. Since I had every intention of being on stage, performing and specifically covering this hip-shaking J.Lo Spanish hit, I went to a designer friend of mine and asked her to dress me.

I knew exactly the look I wanted to have. We went to a luxury fabric store and perused the aisles for the perfect print.

We came out with a bold red with exotic flowers print in silk. The designer got to work and sketched this idea. I loooooved it! It had every detail I envisioned.

But the dress was never made and I didn't perform.

But, I want to accomplish both. It's only a matter of time. I'm working on the event again after a 3 year hiatus and back in the studio after a just as long and solace break from recording.

What I want to know is, do you love the dress?!?! What are your thoughts? Should I commission to have it finished?

I want the red dress that never was to be the red dress hanging in my dressing room!

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AJ said...

Love it!! Now, what will the shoes look like!!!!!

PrissyCafe said...

I say go for it and bring that dress and performance to life!!

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

The dress is goregous.I think it is perfect. Good luck:)

Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love said...

The dress is gorgeous! Love red and the way the dress flows. Get it!

Eliana said...

Love doesn't even decrive it girl! It looks amazing!

E said...

Oh it's amazing! I would love to see the finished product!

Michelle Lee said...

great dress :)

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