Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Of Stripes & Monochromatic

It was only until I started doing a slight edit to these shots that I realized I had a lot of camel colored tones on. It was not intentional, but it worked. Don't you think? 

Because I'm mulatta and "light-skinned" I'm conscious of my color palette when paring accessories and outfits. The last things I need to do is wash myself out! 

So this came about because I have a current obsession with all things stripes. Perhaps it's a hint to go ahead and make that move to Paris. Or perhaps it's because Old Navy had an insane Thanksgiving sale where most of their tee's were $5. Yeah, I racked up. In a OCD, they're never coming back kinda way. I stashed like 20 of them. Every color, of course.

Ironically, this stripped henley preceeds that evil (or really generous sale)... all the other pieces just fell together on a day right before Winter hit us. 

And, a lovely European man walking his pooch stops to watch as Nicole is snapping pictures. He kinda threw my mood off but insisted on making small talk. His prophetic suggestion was that I go into modeling because I have "that" thing. He didn't realize I'm only 5'1". Very authoritatively he pointed out that I don't need to be Runway height to model. It's the shoes, I'm telling you. He was so friendly and so I allowed him to continue. Nicole backed off as most New Yorkers do. 

He was harmless and walked off with a big smile. And we continued shooting, but it was cold as hell so I don't look as happy as I really was. 

I won't be this scantily clad as it's officially Winter and I'll be traveling North where the temps are below freezing which I'll take any day of the year! 

Have tons of fun wrapping up all your shopping and especially sip some spirits while wrapping all those gifts...

PS: don't forget to enter the Swarovski earring give away in my previous post. You have until Jan. 1st! Smooches. 

skinnny jeans by Banana // stripped henley from Old Navy // Aldo wedges // H&M boyfriend blazer // H&M scarf // dad's vintage cord newsboy // vintage cabachon clip on earrings // amber chunky ring // Juicy Couture "lover" chain bracelet // vintage necklace // vintage leather and chain watch by Timex // Louis Vuitton "Alma" bag

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Anonymous said...

lovely jumble of accessories. the more the merrier!

xo denj

Raeshelle said...

The camel colors totally do work! HA! Lovely pics!

P.S. Love your blog! Incredible! Definitely following! I would love it if you would follow mine as well!

Love from,

Lynn said...

oh girl, you look lovely and not washed out at all! awesome outfit, stripes rock right?! my gosh i had no idea you were 5'1, you look so tall in your pics and like legs forever!

cheers to a happy christmas time and your travels. ♥

Christine said...

Lovely! Really like the cap!


Chelsea Lane said...

love your look! this is so chic on you <3 every piece of this outfit is stunningggg!


Elekon said...

this is fab! love everything, goorgeous photos!

Christine said...

Thanks! Following you as well now :)

Esther - TTByM said...


I am a new follower. Would love for you to stop-by and follow back!

Have a fabulous 2011!

FashionGirl said...

Nice Blog <3
what do You think about following each Other ?
I would Be happy about this ;)


Canika said...

I absolutely LOVE your style! When I become rich will you style me from time to time?

snoWhite said...

amazing shoes!! and all in all great look ;)

xoxo S.

Patina said...

I love your style and I'm so excited to add you to my blog roll! I love your outfit from head to toe.

Nikki said...

Lovely blog! x

PS: I have earings made out of the same colour stone as the ring you bare wearing in these photos ^^

Bren Herrera said...

oh my gosh! i'm just noticing I've not responded to any of the comments on here! sorry fabu chicas!

Thanks for the luv! :)

On the ring: yes, it's oh so fabulous. The jade one just like it is just as hot! i love wearing them. very versatile!

shoes are bad a$$; bag is classic and I'm a total hat girl so you'll see me wearing them a lot.

Nikki: i've got to see those earrings! do share

and if you're new, welcome! Looking forward to more fashionable exchanges! Hope you'll come back! Smooches

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