Monday, June 14, 2010

The Revival of B So Chic!™ Moda Blog!

Fashionistas! My goodness has it been a long time since we've seen each other. I failed miserably at starting this blog and was simply unable to maintain it. Naturally it's been sitting idle for close to 3 years and in that time, so much has changed in every aspect--including my personal fashion sense. Well, not really. I'm still obsessed with shoes, only higher heels now. My hats are a staple of my style and vintage is always a treasure hunt for me.

I guess not much has changed, after all. I have embraced some new looks and bold juxtapositions, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

As I continue to build B So Chic!™ and my business, I am committed to making this blog a must go-to place for inspiration, looks, street style and bargain finds!

Stay tuned and feel free to drop a line with your questions, suggestions on topics you want to see write-ups on or anything your fashion fancies!


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