Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Good Goodwill in Myrtle Beach

A few weeks ago I was in Myrtle Beach hanging out with some fab chicks from a PR agency that represents the beach authority. I was actually there for their 2nd annual Food & Wine Food Festival. It was pretty laid back, chill and full of southern-style food.

Sure I was there to grub, but I asked my itinerary include an afternoon of thrifting. I think they were a bit confused at my request but when I insisted my host drive me 20 minutes out to an area where thrift and vintage stores laced the avenue, she was intrigued. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and every place I had scouted out on my iPhone were, er, closed!

I was relentless in my search of some serious finds and so in my determination we drove a few more miles and came across the biggest Goodwilll Retail I've ever stepped foot in. A good 11k square feet of goodness!

I spent all of 45 minutes and walked out with 12 uber fabulous, timeless pieces. The best one: this STUNNING peach beaded and sequin short blazer (almost bolero-style) with fully attached new tags, MY size (the most important element) and all for $3.75!  Clearly it was worth every dime of about $300 when it was on the market. It fits me like a silk glove needing nil a touch of fixing! What more can a girl ask for? Swoon!

The white knotted blazer in cream was also $3-something, which I'd been looking for.  And I love the burnt orange butterfly collar poly shirt. Fab. $2-something and though a marked Large, I can rock it with bell bottoms.

The other finds were just as amazing, needing little alteration and modification. All in all, I walked out with 12 pieces and only spent $30. Now that's what I'm talking about being a GOOD GoodWill!

Next time you're in Myrtle Beach, you must, must stop at the Goodwill I stormed through!

Goodwill Retail Store
127 Loyola Dr.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

*I'll share the other pieces when I get back to Atlanta. I'm traveling right now... wait til you lay your eyes on those lovelies! Like a silk green floral print dress with awesome puff sleeves!

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Melli Media Melee said...

Love, Love, Love! Incredible classic pieces & Oh, B so Chic!

Chelsea Lane said...

SO AMAZING! ohhhh my gaaaah! love all the pieces you found and for such a great price. thrifting is awesome!


Anonymous said...

I soooo think if you each time I hit my special T stores. I saw some jewelry that just seemed like you.


Aurelia Flores said...

Wonderful! Love that first piece, and a good reminder we don't have to be rich to be chic... Thanks for the awesome post!!!

Eva Smith said...

What a wonderful Goodwill you have. Everything organized just waiting for treasures to be discovered. Thank you for sharing. Love this post.

Carrie at Tiki Tiki Blog! said...

One day, I will be one of those people who finds gold at Goodwill. I usually strike out!

Take me shopping with you!

(I do better at consignment, which does cost more...)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour chèrie! Oh là là, ton français est super, et bien sûr ton espagnol...génial! Ta tenue, tes trouvailles sont magnifiques et j'adore la mode chez toi, surtout, GOODWILL. Merci bien, GRACIAS pour être venue lire mon billet. Tu sais, je voudrais être poète en anglais et j'espère que mes paroles toucheront le coeur de mon audience. Dis donc, tu es Puerto-Ricaine...?

Ton style est chic! BONNE JOURNÉE! Anita

Sisters and Sisters said...

amazing, so beautiful!

H&C from Amsterdam

Noemi said...

That is fabulous, I have been meaning to head over to a local T that I did not know was so close to my home, after reading this I better run there quick :)
♥ Noemi
Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
Travel: Across The Sea

Martina said...

Lucky you!Really great shopping. The sequin blazer is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this goodwill looks AMAZING!!!! Love love love!


Unknown Mami said...

That is an excellent Goodwill because you know the Goodwills where I live are not cheap anymore. I find things from Forever21 there that are more expensive than what Forever21 charged for them new. Not good!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love finding the perfect thrift store. This one sounds AMAZING especially since it is so huge!! You found some awesome items as well, it seems. :)

Thanks for the head's up! I don't travel to MB very often, but I will keep this place in mind when I do. xoxo

E said...

Ooo, my eyes were immediately drawn to that rich orange blouse, too!

Michele R. said...

only you would be able to score something so fabulous like that sequin jacket! Super lovely!

hunt4anarnia said...

*FAINT* That silk shirt! I can't wait to see how your pair that up!!!

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