Thursday, June 12, 2014

Best Father's Day Gifts Ever, 2014

Because the fellas deserve lots of love and attention on their holiday, I've gone way out of my way to find some fabulous things any dad would appreciate and love you for! I tried to use my dad as an example of a what a father would love to receive but I realized his interests are quickly aligning with those of a childless man -- you know, the motorcycle gear, principally. I know it's just his way of regaining his individualism now that all 5 of us are grown and sexy. He wants to join the 30-yr old club since all but one are in it!

But he and some close guy friends with kids gave me insider tips on things they'd love to open up this Sunday. I had fun trying out some of the gadgets (totally appropriate for me to have and keep!) and others, well, I just simply took their word for it and trusted their tastes. These are solid guys so what they say is guaranteed to be all good for any guy trekking around after his kids.

From our catalog of goodies to your lap, here's what I'm loving!

SOL REPUBLIC headphones. These bluetooth headphones are screaming!! Oh my goodness, they're my new favorite toy. Got them in electric blue and I'm in love. Fantastic for traveling to boot. Switch out the band for different scenarios or moods. But what's most important is the sound. Better than my Beats which I really, really wanted to love but just can't.  $199 at Radio Shack

SPORTS MASSAGE therapy for the athletic dad is so essential. He'll love the special attention a specialized therapist will give him after a hard marathon or century on his bike. He'll love you so much more for that touch.

DISPATCH BAG by Triple Aught Design seems to be a great utilitarian bag. I've not actually tried it out but it just looks like it could work everything a man could need in life. $195.

POWER BANK is a must have for the modern person with any mobile device. I have a feeling men spend more time on their devices more than women, so the dad in your life will love having 17 hours of back up battery life! He'll be winning with a full charge! $50 at Radio Shack.

JBL VOYAGER bluetooth system with a detachable speaker? Yes, please. I'm speaking for self here since I've been having loads of fun pumping the volume from my kitchen while the main dock is in my office. Get the black for the guy; keep the white for you. If he's really pressed, he can even travel with it! That, I love. $250 at Radio Shack.

NIKE BRASIL JERSEY. Let's celebrate their win over Croatia in today's opening game! This jersey is haute, haute, haute. I'd sleep in it if my man had one. Fortunately they have this for the girls, too, because like everything else on this list, I'm crushing on it. The colors are bold and beautiful. But the design of shirt makes it worth every one hundred fifty five dollars. yes, I had to spell it out. It's gorgeous, chicas. Perforated side panels and mesh paneling in the back make this dry-fit jersey the perfect shirt to rock all summer. You must check out the BRASIL font-lettering in the back though. Not to mention the camo print design throughout. $155, Nike.

NIKE Free 5.0 Sneaker belongs to him. Whether he's athletic or not, he'll wear this just because I can tell you they're comfortable. I have two pairs in women's of course, and they're like wearing socks. No likes uncomfortable kicks. $100, Nike.

TOM FORD OUD WOOD cologne is strictly for the distinguished man. I spent 20 minutes at Saks last month just taking it all in. It's sexy, romantic, bold, yet smooth. Any man will grab my attention if he's wearing this scent. Ladies, just know where he's going if he dabs this on! It's that insanely perfect. $250, Saks, Barney's, Nordstrom, or Neimans.

GUCCI ID bracelet. Because every real fashionable man, the haberdasher type, will know he needs to have one of these. So will his wife. Or daughter. This is a lovely statement piece for the classy, yet sporty dad. $250, Gucci.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was a dad and that my kids and wife would have gotten me everything on the list! I'm sure some lucky dads out there are enjoying these gifts right now.

Super Mario said...

Great gift ideas. I'd be happy with any one of these.

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