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How I Rock My Curls! {SUAVE Hair & Body Prod Giveaway!}

During a recent video shoot for the socially conscious and politically charged (and well-kwon) hip-hop group Dead Prez, I had to rock my natural hair --the premise of the song titled "Beautiful Thing." It was a miserably hot and humid day and all I could do was wish I had a scarf to pull my hair back with.

But, I was called out precisely because of the world of curls on my head so I had to bear the grunt of the sweat and no breeze. It all worked out and had a blast enjoying all the lovely natural hair the other women were showing off. I particularly love everything about this incredible shot captured by one of the photographers on set.

And the video trailer shows me whipping my hair (at :29) which was even more fun and allowed me to get my "Chelsea on!"

In the quest to maintain the curls looking fabulous when I do wear them out, I've come across a few select products that I can afford still keep the locks looking fresh. 

One of them is the deliciously smelling shampoo and conditioner by Suave Naturals® . Suave, right!?  What a throwback to the days of disco ball decked-out roller skating rinks and super high hair. It's been a mainstay in my bathroom, so when they launched their Juicy Green Apple line, I had to try it. Plus I'm a full-time chef and food writer, so anything food related tickles my fancy.

For my hair, I use a dollop of the conditioner to leave in followed by their Healthy Curls Crunchy Mousse. Looove.

Works like wonders for every day use, especially on humid a$$ days when wearing it straight is not even a thought -- all it'd do is get frizzy anyway.

To help celebrate the excitement of wrapping up the video shoot and in anticipation of a long summer of hot days, Suave and I are giving away a set of the yummy Juicy Green Apple shampoo and conditioner! Lather your lovely mane and show it off... even if you're a hat queen!

That's not it! With affordable hair care to tote to all your fetes, there's also creamy body wash and lotion that helps our mood and keeps us feeling ooh wee fresh throughout the day. Suave's Creamy Milk & Honey body wash and their Sweet Pea & Violet body lotion have made it to my overnight and large carry alls for the mini-vacay's and work trips I've been taking lately (because we all know hotel goodies seem to be watered down -- unless you're at the W ;).

And, I want you to have a full-sized set a of that, too!

Here are some deetz about the products for you to know.

What to do? 

1. Leave a comment telling me what your biggest hair challenge is
2. Follow on FB and Twitter
3. Come back and let me know you did no. 2! :)

That's all! I'll select one lucky winner on June 10th to enjoy all 4 prods. Please make sure to include your email so I know where to reach you for your goodies.

Suave Naturals®  Juicy Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner - The crisp scent of orchard-grown apples, combined with gentle cleansers and conditioners, help bring out the natural beauty of hair.  Both the shampoo and conditioner contain vitamin E and apple extracts. 

    NEW! Suave Naturals® Creamy Milk & Honey Splash Body Wash - Enriched with moisturizing milk proteins     and the fresh scent of honey, this body wash will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and delightfully fragrant. $

    NEW! Suave Naturals® Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion This lotion has a fresh, uplifting fragrance and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and delightfully fragrant.
  • Provides long-lasting fragrance
  • Unique, silky smooth formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly
  • Pair with Suave Naturals®  Sweet Pea & Violet Indulgent Body Wash for the ultimate fragrance experience

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*I was not compensated for this post, but was provided some samples to write this review. Every opinion is my own, honest and authentic. 


Carolyn said...

dang girl your hair flip is amazing!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Awesome, I lvoe your hair! That photo is ultra cool! I can imagine it's very hot though in the summer, I always have my hair up and mine isn't nearly as thick as yours :) That's so coll you're in a video too!

Sick by Trend said...

Beautiful picture in B&W and great product!!


Have a nice weekend! :)

kenda said...

i am loving the hair flip. thanks for sharing the vid.

Giselle said...

My biggest hair challenge is keeping the frizzs away when it gets humid here in Florida!
Been following on twitter (@Chicgiselle) and FB: chicgiselle machinewashwarm.

Fingers crossed!! :)

Liz said...

Biggest challenge is taming my curls. Still don't know how to do that.

Thanks for the great tips!

Liz said...

I follow on FB- Liz Cerezo

Liz said...

I follow on Twitter: @thoughtsofamomy

New York Chica said...

My biggest hair challenge is definitely trying to tame my naturally curly locks. I put so much "stuff" in my hair, it isn't funny!

New York Chica said...

I follow you on Twitter and Facebook.
lisa at newyorkchica dot com.

MusiQ said...

My biggest hair challenge is combatting single strand knots aka "fairy knots" in my hair. I have extremely kinky, curly, coily hair which makes it very easy to knot up even if I've detangled it. I follow you on Twitter (@AfroCurlyChick) and on Facebook (Janna 'Musiq' Bennett). Thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity to win some neat products!:)

DivaTiffisGreat said...

my biggest challenge is keep my hair moisturized. it gets dry and i am constantly putting product on it so i can comb it!

DivaTiffisGreat said...

hi again! i've followed you on twitter & liked you on facebook :)

Tii said...

My biggest hair challange is dryness. I'm following you on FB, Twitter and Google.

latinar said...

My biggest hair challenge is definning my curls. I liked on Facebook and twiiter.


Michelle G said...

Defining curls while keeping down the frizz and single strand knots.

Michelle G said...

I like you on FB.

FB: Michelle Lynn Glenn

Follow you on Twitter.

Twitter: @destaneemom

Bren Herrera said...

Hi Girls! THanks for all of the comments. Frizz seems to be our main concern! Interesting. Appreciate all the interaction. Stay tuned on June 10th for the winner. Good luck to all of you fab chicas! ;) xo


Anonymous said...

HI I found this giveaway on Natural Hair Giveaways.......I now follow you on twitter (CurlyCaramel1) and facebook (Camille Drayton)

Shana said...

My biggest hair challenge is trying to keep my hair from shrinking. Following on twitter(@msfreebyrd) and Facebook(Shana Marks)

SuccessfulBeauty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SuccessfulBeauty said...

My biggest hair challenge is that the top part of my hair still likes to act like its permed so trying to find styles that hold well in the front can be an experience.

I liked you on FB Tiffany Owens but I don't have a twitter account :(

My email address is

Monique said...

My biggest hair challenge is frizz. It's the summertime and I expected it to happen and have no idea where to start with taming it.

I follow you on Facebook and Twitter.

MusiQ said...

Update: Forgot to leave my email address which is

Ruth J said...

My biggest hair challenge is i do the same style all the time. Ever since i got my first wrap 18 years ago that is how you will find my hair!

Ruth J said...

I did it!

AJ said...

You know I follow you on FB and Twitter.

My biggest hair challenge is finding someone who knows what a trim is. Each time I ask for one, I get sheared like a sheep. Baa!!!!

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